Community Partners of the Poconos (CPOP)

Promoting Collaboration, Inclusion & Nonprofit Accountability


Through Community Partners of the Poconos (CPOP), community groups and residents of all ages representing the various ethnic, racial, and religious groups that make up our community are given the opportunity to come together to advance local initiatives that improve the quality of life for all of us, and to learn to operate effective and accountable nonprofit organizations.

Members of volunteer and nonprofit groups and interested individuals can visit our website to better prepare for the expectant increase in services and programs, as a result of the explosive population growth in the Pocono Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania, particularly in Monroe County.

Also visit us to learn about the Monroe County Council On Inclusion, a project of Community Partners of the Poconos. The Council promotes intra-group relations and solutions to issues of concern as we prepare to meet the challenges and opportunities of our changing demographics.

Learn about available grants, nonprofit trainings, and information that provides help for nonprofits, including how to obtain certification in the voluntary Standards for Excellence® Program, which provides a competitive edge for nonprofits at a time when they are increasingly challenged by shrinking public and private funding. 

We are currently conducting an inventory of youth programs in Monroe County with our collaborating partners Pocono Alliance and the United Way of Monroe County.

Help us by participating in this inventory.